Pre-prints & Conference Presentations

Here I collect conference presentations that Google Scholar somehow picks up, and a bone-yard of preprints on various servers. I periodically delete the pre-prints listed below as they make it to publications, and I cross my fingers that Google Scholar does the same.

Conference Presentations

Afkhami M. E., S. X. Palakurty, M. L. Friesen, L. Sternberg, and J. Stinchcombe. 2019. Community context: Impacts of multispecies mutualisms on host plant fitness, allocation, and investment of biologically fixed nitrogen. [2019 ESA Annual Meeting]

Afkhami M. E., S. X. Palakurty, and J. Stinchcombe. 2018. It takes a network: Multispecies mutualism between rhizobia, mycorrhizal fungi, and a legume shifts gene coexpression networks within host, partners, and across the symbiotic boundary. ESA, [2018 ESA Annual Meeting]

Kreiner J. M., J. Stinchcombe, and S. I. Wright. 2018. Comparative Population Genomics of Herbicide Resistance: Mating System, Ploidy, and Mechanistic Patterns of Adaptation. PAG, . [Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXVI]

Afkhami M. E., M. L. Friesen, and J. Stinchcombe. 2016. Multiple mutualist effects: Understanding the evolution of mutualism in the context of complex multispecies interactions. ESA, . [101st ESA Annual Meeting]

Pre-prints in various stages of publication

Boyle, J. A., B. K. Murphy, I. Ensminger, J. R. Stinchcombe, and M. E. Frederickson. 2023. Resistance and resiliency of soil microbiomes under climate change. biorRxiv [link]

Kreiner, J. M., S. Hnatovska, J. R. Stinchcombe, and S. I. Wright. 2023. Genome size and repeat content contribute to a complex architecture of flowering time in Amaranthus tuberculatus. biorRxiv [link]

Harrison, T. L., Z. A. Parshuram, M. E. Frederickson, and J. R. Stinchcombe. 2023. Is there a latitudinal diversity gradient for symbiotic microbes? A case study with sensitive partridge peas. bioRxiv [link]

I periodically purge the bioRxiv references in favor of the published versions. Below you can find a few vestigial pre-prints, and if you want to search for me on bioRxiv, click here.

Cornille, A., M. Tiret, A. Salcedo, H. R. Huang, M. Orsucci, P. Milesi, D. Kryvokhyzha, K. Holm, X. J. Ge, J. R. Stinchcombe, S. Glémin, S. I. Wright, and M. Lascoux. 2020. Phenotypic plasticity, population structure and adaptation in a young weed species with a worldwide distribution. bioRxiv [pdf]

Cornille, A., A. Salcedo, H. Huang, D. Kryvokhyzha, K. Holm, X.-J. Ge, J. R. Stinchcombe, S. Glémin, S. I. Wright, and M. Lascoux. 2018. Local adaptation and maladaptation during the worldwide range expansion of a selffertilizing plant. bioRxiv [pdf]