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J-StinchcombeJohn received a B.A. in Biology from Bucknell University in May 1996. He completed his Ph.D. in Biology at Duke University in 2001, working with Mark D. Rausher. His dissertation explored how the evolutionary dynamics of plant defense traits depended on variation in community composition. He then moved to Annie Schmitt's lab then at Brown University as a Post-Doctoral Researcher, studying how flowering time variation in Arabidopsis thaliana is influenced by climate and the functionality of candidate genes. In addition to these academic pursuits, John drinks inordinate amounts of coffee on a daily basis.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Corlett Wood, Post-Doc

Corlett joined the lab in August 2015, after finishing her PhD with Butch Brodie at University of Virginia. She is interested in quantitative genetics and population genomics. See Corlett's web site

  • Graduate Students

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    Brechann McGoey, PhD Candidate

    Brechann finished her Master's thesis in the lab, went out and worked in plant conservation, and has come back for a PhD. She is broadly interested in evolutionary ecology, and specifically how species interactions affect the evolutionary dynamics of plants. For her project, Brechann spent lots of time in the Marsh at Joker's Hill, and became quite adept at dodging large spiders. She published some very cool papers in New Phytologist and Evolution.
    Julia Kreiner, MSc student

    Julia Kreiner is co-advised by Stephen Wright. Her undergraduate work was with Brian Husband, on ploidy levels in the Brassicaceae family. She is interested in the population genomics of weed adaptation to agriculture.

    Lab Pet

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    Dexter D. Stinchcombe, Lab Pet
    Dexter is a Nova Scotian Duck Tolling Retriever. Information about his breed can be found here and here . The middle initial 'D' stands for "dog" and was given by Jack and Piper. He joined the Stinchcombe lab in August 2013. His interests include fetching, sleeping, squeaking his fuzzy man, and eating sticks.